- what drives us

Our core motivation is to make an impact. Delivering successful projects and getting positive feedback from our clients is our highest priority.

This requires us to provide measurable value for our clients and to be trusted. Building a long-term relationship, and to be considered as the partner of choice for Asset Performance Excellence is our ultimate driver.

Without the trust of employees and their willingness to embrace something new, change processes are in danger of failing. That's why Julian Pflügl believes that open communication and close collaboration are the keys to success.

Happy employees equal happy customers. This formula, proven in numerous studies, has been established in HR departments for a while. But what exactly does employee satisfaction look like and, above all, how do you achieve it? For Maren Stieler, HR Director at T.A. Cook, the key is an open, ongoing communication - and a guiding principle she internalized during her apprenticeship in the hospitality industry.

Change is often initially met with resistance from many employees. Based on his long-term professional experience as a project manager at T.A. Cook Engineers Patrick Schmidt knows that this is a very human reaction. Some people feel the need to maintain the status quo and thus security and stability. That's why his guiding principle for every project is not to simply tear down the walls of resistance, but to inspire employees to adopt new processes through open communication and a practical approach.

Women in the process industry are still a minority – even though typically female abilities such as communication, reflection, or cooperation are more sought-after than ever. Alice Zhang regards herself as a role model and is keen to inspire future colleagues.

Everyone thinks differently, every project team develops its own unique dynamics – this poses many challenges for effective change management. Nobody at T.A. Cook knows this better than Bernd Zanger. For over 20 years, he has been shaping change at and with clients and colleagues worldwide. The ability to adapt and the right instincts are the secret to his success.