- how we lead & manage

Our Leadership Principles are fundamental values that govern our company and its people. They guide all of us who lead our employees, shape our strategy, culture and organization as well as support our clients and build long-term relationships with them. They are the basis and foundation for future growth and provide orientation for our employees and clients - especially in an increasingly dynamic and demanding environment.

We believe that leading others means to inspire, give direction and build trust by motivating and fostering individual professional development. All our employees worldwide act according to a clear belief: we take responsibility for our actions and their effects on our people, customers and society. Managers are encouraged to integrate the following principles into their own leadership style.

Develop and

provide feedback

In our role as Leaders at T.A. Cook, we develop people on and off the job by providing training and constructive feedback.

Empower and

give trust

We value initiative and reliability of our teams. We value initiative and reliability of our teams.



We believe in honest, transparent and real time feedback and communication.

Be supportive

We respect opinions of others. Constructive dissent is a major driver of innovation.

Communicate and

share information

We listen actively to each other and are transparent, honest and appreciative in our communication.

Inspire innovation

In our role as Leaders at T.A. Cook, we promote continuously challenging the status quo and improving how we can deliver the highest value/quality to our clients.

Honesty and transparency are essential values of any well-functioning team. These two characteristics have the power to turn fear into trust, hesitation into commitment, and division into solid coordination. Senior Manager, John Natarelli, is well versed in utilizing these values to bring cohesion and alignment to otherwise conflicting asset management teams.

The Covid-19 global pandemic threw a wrench into plans of many industries. While groups of people were no longer allowed to gather together, the events business took one of the hardest blows during this crisis. This unprecedented time forced a rise of innovation and thought leadership from events management around the world, including T.A. Cook Director of Global Events, James Haggen and his team.

When arriving on site, consultants are not always met with open arms. They must first establish a sturdy foundation of mutual trust, respect and a willingness to grow and listen. Building this foundation takes commitment, time and patience.